Welcome to Printeractive! We are a group of Designers, Artists, Technologists and Researchers in Liverpool. Our work focuses on the integration of interaction design and printmaking processes.

By using new technologies such as conductive ink, circuit bending, interaction design and maker approaches, we aim to expand the interdisciplinary understanding of Art & Design. As part of the LJMU Art Labs, we are always happy to collaborate with other organisations and individuals.

There is currently a need to introduce young people, among others to the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) curriculum, where the Arts (STEAM) now play an essential role to facilitate such content. Using Printeractive! technologies as part of the Design Lab research pathway, we are aiming to enhance the curricula of Art & Design, thus facilitating the engagement with technology.

Education and Workshops

Our team runs a series of research workshops, where we are trying to find out how different art, print, design and interaction design practitioners can produce a collaborative interdisciplinary environment.

Engaging through creative processes are commonly tied to a wide range to technologic and theoretical paradigms. We hope that our series of workshops, and artefacts can help practitioners break these paradigms.

Current Workshop

We are currently developing a call for artists, makers and designers to produce artefacts that combine an interactive element within their printed output. If you would like to see what we have done in our workshops, please follow the past workshops link below.

Past Workshops

If you would like to know more about our previous workshops, exhibitions or work in progress, please follow this link to know more.

Projects and Exhibitions

Our team commonly runs series of workshops through the PrintLab and the DesignLab at LJMU. We are always happy to hear new perspectives and methodologies related but not limited to printmaking, interaction design, digital design, and visual communication.

Our collaborations link all the way to Mexico, Spain, Japan, and all around the UK. Please feel free to navigate through our previous workshops.

Printeractive is Hiring!

We have currently opened 2 posts for Printeractive Interns. Candidates have to be LJMU students from either level 5 or 6. We are looking for students with a particular interest or background in interaction design and printmaking processes. Among many of the duties involved, the successful applicants will help us design and deliver a series …

Wuon-Gean Ho

We were really lucky to have London based printmaker Wuon-Gean Ho visit the printroom at LJMU last year. Wuon-Gean spoke about her practice and delivered a workshop on Japanese vinyl. Wuon-Gean also participated in Liverpool Bestiary If you would like to learn more about Wuon-Gean please visit https://www.wuongean.com/

Printeractive! Team

Printeractive! is a group of printmakers, graphic designers, artists, interaction designers and technologists interested in developing interdisciplinary collaborations. We are currently based in Liverpool and collaborate across a wide range of heritage and cultural organisations and institutions across the North West, Europe and the Americas. The team is distributed across the Art Labs LJMU, particularly with the Design Lab and the Printmaking Studio in the John Lennon Art & Design Building.

Javier Pereda

Javier is a Web Scientist who specialises in the development of Tangible User Interfaces (TUI), and has a particular interest in Cultural Heritage.  Javier has a background in Graphic Design, Marketing and TV&Film post production. His research explores diverse ways in which physical objects and artefacts can help users engage with complex sets of data. Javier a Lecturer in Graphic Design and Illustration and a researcher for the Design Lab at LJMU.

Hannah Fray

Hannah Fray is a Liverpool based artist who has exhibited internationally. Her work merges traditional and contemporary techniques which explore the language of printmaking. Her prints currently explore nature, insects and biodiversity. Hannah has worked at many scales, from small artists books to large paper/printmaking sculptures. Hannah studied Fine Art at Liverpool John Moores University and has worked as a printmaking demonstrator and lecturer at various institutions across the North of England. She now runs the printmaking department at the John Lennon Art and Design Academy in Liverpool.

Neil Morris

NeilMorris is Reader in Contemporary Printmaking at the Liverpool School of Art andDesign, Liverpool John Moores University. For nearly 40 years Morris has been engaged with a passion for printmaking and has exhibited internationally, spoken widely and educated broadly in a mission to disseminate his interests and beliefs on this subject. Throughout this time he has collaborated extensively in places as far flung as Lima, Shanghai, Athens, Orebro, Cologne and Salford! He sees collaboration as being central to his artistic practice and his work deals with considerations of nostalgia and memory. He is also a co-founder of ‘Eight Days a Week’ (8DAW) a banner name for a fluid membership of up to forty cross-media artists drawn from the major artistic centres of Liverpool and her twin German city of Cologne.